"The gift of language combined with

the gift of song was given to man that he should proclaim the

Word of God through music."

- Martin Luther

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Heart after 


Joyful Noise

Passion for the Lord

A True Worshiper

Mind for 


Confidence in

the Spirit


At Sardius Records, we pride ourselves in giving you the best recording experience we can give to ensure your satisfaction and the magnification of God's music.


After recording we take the time to carefully craft a custom sound just for you by adding in other instruments and musical variations to ensure a full and professional sound.


Finally, we will put our stamp of approval on your new masterpiece and provide you with a master so you can replicate your music and distribute it how you see fit.

Why us

We at Sardius Records strive for creating and recording music that glorifies God and personifies the atmosphere of His throne room.  We are blessed to be able to use our gifts and talents to bring this type of music to people all over the world and to help usher them into worship.

Why You

At Sardius Records we have many ways that you can partner with us.  From recording, mixing, and mastering, to just purchasing and appreciating our music and what we do.  Your contribution with us to further God's worship and praise through music is greatly appreciated!


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